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Relieve yourself of stress and anxiety

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You feel that stress is ruining your life

  • You feel like you’re going through your life with too little control, like you could get better but you can’t figure out how
  • You are going through a complicated period of your life and overcoming this situation seems difficult to you…
  • You live on autopilot mode you have, little by little and without realizing it, lost the balance in your life
  • You feel exhausted, stressed, anxious, irritable at times
  • Your sleep is disturbed, you have insomnia
  • The time has come to finally take care of yourself.
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You feel alone to cope with stress

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  • You feel alone with your problems, you feel like no one really understands you
  • You hesitate a lot before making an appointment with a therapist “am I feeling bad enough to go see a sophrologist? » you wonder if you really have a problem, you tell yourself that it will pass, so you wait, because you think it’s not that bad
  • Or you are afraid to make an appointment because you have already seen certain therapists, and you felt worse when you left than when you arrived.
    « I should have contacted you sooner, instead of being left alone with my problems« , is what the people I support tell me regularly.
  • You deserve to be accompanied and better days await you. All you have to do is agree to ask for help.
  • I know how difficult it can be. A few years ago I myself experienced burnout, I experienced stress until exhaustion. It was when I agreed to get help that I started to feel better.

Imagine the joy of a calm and energized life

  • Imagine the relief of being able to free yourself from stress and anxiety.
  • To feel supported and understood, without judgment
  • You understand the mechanisms of stress and with each session, you feel more and more relaxed
  • Imagine that you feel clicks, that you feel that you are moving forward
  • You live more lightly because you control stress, you no longer suffer from it
  • You no longer feel overwhelmed by your emotions and your positive ideas take over your life.
  • You just feel GOOD
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Sophrologue Nantes Arnold WERRY

Hello,  my name is Arnold Werry, I am a professional therapist specialized in stress relief and anxiety management.

I am here to help you understand what you are going through and to pass on to you the techniques of sophrology and hypnosis

During our first session, I listen carefully to your special requests and needs

I desing for you a tailor-made protocol, which I adapt as you progress, according to your evolution

I think one of the most important things in therapy is the link between the therapist and its client. That is why I am committed to conveying as well as I can, through these words, the gentleness and kindness that are at the heart of my practice

I am based in Nantes (France) and I am used to practicing sophrology in English for English speakers. In addition, it turns out that sophrology works very well in video call, so I can help you wherever you are!


How can I help ?



Exhaustion / Burnout

They trusted me

How do we start?


You contact me

We arrange an appointment

First session

Is sophrology for me?

Sophrology is for you if

  • You are stressed, exhausted, anxious
  • You feel hyper-stressed, on the verge of burnout

  • You want to free yourself from guilt

  • You feel depressed and have trouble sleeping

  • You want to regain control over your life

  • You tried to improve the situation without really succeeding

  • You are motivated by the idea of putting into practice the tools that I am going to share with you

  • You are determined to get better

How to contact me?


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